Work Experience

Civic Hacking

As a 2012 Code for America fellow, I adopted, adapted, and wrote new open source software for Macon, Honolulu, Santa Cruz, and Chicago.

I was a First Place Winner in the 2012 Civic Data Challenge, and was awarded Key to the City of Macon, Georgia.

In 2013, I developed apps with Datamade in Chicago and New Urban Mechanics in Boston.

I continue to do civic hacking through BetaNYC.

Web Mapping: Google Maps API, MapBox + TileMill, Leaflet
Programming: HTML / CSS / JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Python
SQL-based Databases: Postgres/PostGIS, MySQL
NoSQL Databases: MongoDB, Neo4j

One Laptop per Child

I traveled to schools in Uganda, Uruguay, Haiti, and Nepal in 2010-2014 to develop and teach new educational activities.

Working in the field and remotely with other deployments, I wrote mapping, science, and language programs which run on One Laptop per Child's Linux laptops.

In late 2012 / early 2013 I helped start OLPC's teacher training program in the Marshall Islands.

Skills: Python, HTML / CSS / JavaScript, Linux, OpenStreetMap, Internationalization and Localization

Open Source

Selected features added and fixes made on GitHub


Visual and technical

MajuroJS - custom neighborhood maps. Stores 3.7MM buildings in 21 cities.

Moon Map - a web map only readable outdoors, at night, during a full moon

Boston Greenery - custom Boston basemap

Van Gogh Map - powered by MapBox's WebGL API

olpcMAP - school and volunteer map hosted on Google App Engine

Taking on Hard Problems

Open source projects with impact